Conditional Prophecy

Conditional prophecies are conditional upon obedience to God. (Dt 7:12, Dt 8:19,20, Dt 28:1,9,15, Dt 29:18-21, Dt 29:23-27, Isa 48:18,19, Jer 18:7-10, Jer 26:3-6)

Example: The promised land (Ex 6:2,6-8, Nu 14:26-34)

Example: Eli the high priest (1Sa 2:30,31)

Example: Hezekiah (2Ki 20:1-5)

Example: Nineveh (Jnh 3:3-5,10)

Physical Israel (the Nation)

Summary of Israel's old testament history (Ne 9:6-35, Da 9:5-16, Ac 7:2-53)

Jacob's name was changed to Israel. (Ge 32:28)

Name represents character (Ex 3:13,14, Ex 23:20,21, Ex 34:5-7, Nu 6:27, 2Ch 6:5-9, Isa 56:5, Eze 39:7, Da 9:19, Jn 12:28, Jn 17:6,26, Rev 3:12, Rev 14:1, Rev 14:11, Rev 17:5, Rev 19:12, Rev 22:3,4)

The name Jacob [Yaaqob (yah-ak-obe' )] means heel-catcher, which is figurative for one who supplants, displaces, or overthrows.

Note: Supplant - "To trip up the heels. To overthrow; to undermine." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Jacob used deception as a means to take from others. (Ge 25:31-33, Ge 27:12,19,24,35,36)

The name Israel means someone who struggles with God and prevails. (Ge 32:24-30)

Note: Prevail - "To overcome, to gain the victory" (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

Since it included sorrow and supplication, Jacob's struggle was spiritual. (Hos 12:2-6)

God saw that Jacob relied on his own strength. He needed to be made weak so he could see his need for God. (Ge 32:25 compare 2Co 12:9)

God proved the genuineness of Jacob's repentance by allowing an end to the struggle. Jacob would not let God go. (Ge 32:26)

God asked Jacob what his name (character) was. God knew, but Jacob needed to realize his need for a new nature. (Ge 32:27)

It was when Jacob sought God's name (character) that God could truely bless him. (Ge 32:29)

Jacob's struggle represents the conversion experience wherein we receive Christ to reign instead of our sinful nature.

Through faith, Jacob received the grace of God. (Ge 32:30 compare Ge 33:9-11)

When we receive Christ, our struggle against our old nature does not cease. (Ro 7:22-25 - Ro 8:1-4, 1Co 9:25-27 - 1Co 10:1-12)

Only through Christ can we achieve the ultimate victory. (Ro 8:10-14)

Jesus is our Righteousness. (Isa 26:12, Jer 23:6, Jn 15:4,5, Ro 5:17-19, 2Co 3:18, 2Co 5:21, Gal 2:20, Php 1:11, Php 3:9, Heb 13:12)

Jesus has overcome the world. (Jn 16:33, Heb 4:15, Rev 3:21)

Through Christ, all genuine believers will overcome the world. (1Jn 5:4,5, Rev 2:7,11,17,26, Rev 3:5,12,21, Rev 21:7)

God chose Israel out of love, not because of any special worth on their part. (Dt 7:6-8)

Persons who were not of Abraham's decent became Israelites.

Rahab the prostitute (an ancestor of Jesus) (Jos 6:25, Mt 1:5,16)

Ruth the Moabitess (an ancestor of Jesus) (Ru 4:10,13,21,22, Mt 1:5,16)

God accepts "foreigners." (Isa 56:3,7)

The nation of Israel was supposed to be an example and light to the world.

They were to exhibit holiness. (Lev 19:2)

They were to exhibit the material blessings that follow obedience to God. (Dt 7:12-14)

They were to exhibit the benefits of following God's health laws. (Dt 7:12,15)

They were to be an example to all the nations. (Dt 28:1,7,10,12-14)

They were to be a witness to all nations. (2Ch 6:32,33, Isa 62:1,2, Jer 33:7-9)

The Israelites did not fulfill their divinely appointed mission.

They were quick to violate their covenant with God. (Dt 31:16)

Instead of bringing forth fruit, they cultivated sin. (Hos 10:1 compare Mt 21:18,19)

The nation of Israel was given 490 years (70 prophetic weeks) as a last chance to correct its ways. (Da 9:24,26) (See Time Periods Bible prophecy topic)

The nation of Israel terminated its role as God's chosen light-bearer.

They rejected and crucified Jesus. (Mt 21:33-41,43 compare Isa 5:7, Jn 19:14-16)

They rejected the post-resurrection gospel message. (Ac 7:51-60 - Ac 8:1-3, Ac 22:17-21)

Their house was left desolate. (Mt 23:37,38)

Spiritual Israel (the People)

God's purposes are continued through spiritual Israel. (Hos 1:9,10, Hos 2:23, Zec 2:10,11, Ro 9:25,26, Ro 10:19-21, Eph 1:10,11, 1Pe 2:9,10)

Spiritual Israel is the spiritual community made up of all those who accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord. (Da 12:1 (compare Rev 21:27), Ro 2:28,29, Ro 4:9-13, Ro 9:6-8, Ro 10:12,13, Gal 3:7-9,14,26-29, Gal 6:14-16, Eph 2:11-13,19,20)

As children of God, spiritual Israel inherits all the promises. (Gal 3:29, Heb 6:12,13,17, Rev 21:7)

Christians should not take their gracious status for granted. (Ro 11:19-21,23,24)

Ethnic Jews can be still be saved just like any other person. (Jn 3:16)

God does not show favoritism. (Ac 10:34,35, Ro 3:29,30)

Jesus is Identified with Israel.

Abraham's seed

Israel is Abraham's physical seed. (Ge 13:14-16, Isa 41:8)

Jesus is Abraham's spiritual Seed. (Mt 1:1, Gal 3:16)

God's Servant

Israel is God's servant. (Isa 49:3)

Jesus is God's Servant. (Isa 53:11, Mt 20:28, Mt 23:11, Jn 13:12-15)

God's Son

Israel is God's son. (Ex 4:22, Hos 11:1)

Jesus is God's Son. (Mt 2:13,15, Mt 16:15-17, Jn 3:16, Ro 8:29)

God's Vine

Israel is God's vine. (Ps 80:8)

Jesus is God's Vine (Jn 15:1-5)


Israel was baptised. (Ex 14:22, 1Co 10:1,2)

Jesus was baptised. (Mt 3:13-15)

Wilderness experience

Lacking faith in God's word, Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. (Nu 14:26-35)

Note the correspondence between days and years. (Nu 14:34)

Through faith in God's word, Jesus overcomes Satan during His 40 days in the wilderness. (Lk 4:1-14)


One man, Jacob (Israel), to 12 sons (tribes), to the nation of Israel

One man, Jesus, to 12 apostles, to God's people

Prophecies Concerning the Return of Israel

The physical nation of Israel is no longer God's chosen light-bearer. (Mt 21:43)

Prophecies concerning the return of Israel do not refer to the reestablishment of the nation of Israel in 1948.

Prophecies concerning the return of Israel refer to an old testament return from captivity. (Da 9:7,21,22,25, Jer 29:4,10-14, Zec 10:9,10)

These prophecies also have a new testament spiritual dimension.

They will serve a resurrected king David (Christ). (Jer 30:3,9, Hos 3:5) (compare Isa 9:6,7, Rev 22:16)

They will return from the land of the great enemy (death). (Jer 31:8,9,15-17) (compare Mt 2:17,18, 1Co 15:52-57)


Did God cause His people to be lost? (Ro 11:7,8) (No)

God did not cast away His people. (see Ro 11:1)

God did not prevent the spritual deafness chosen by the people. (Jer 7:24-27)

Because we have free will, He permits our course of action. (Mt 23:37)

Will all the Jews be saved? (Ro 11:26) (No)

Paul clearly states his hope that he may save some of the Jews. (Ro 11:13,14)

All of spiritual Israel will be saved - all who receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord. (Ro 10:9-15)