The Judgment (2 of 2)

The Four Phases of Final Judgment

Investigative judgment of the righteous (before the second advent)

Note that the righteousness of the "righteous" comes from Jesus. (Ro 5:17-19, 2Co 5:21, Php 3:9)

Executive judgment of the righteous (at the second advent)

Investigative judgment of the wicked (during the millennium)

Executive judgment of the wicked (at the end of the millennium)

Investigative Judgment of the Righteous

For (in favor of) the righteous (Da 7:9,13,21,22 (clouds represent angels, compare Ps 68:17 and Ps 104:3), 1Pe 4:17,18)

Preparing for the complete removal of the record of sin

For the benefit of the angels (unfallen beings)

God does not need a judgment of the righteous. He already knows the just verdict for each case.

The Lamb's book of life contains the record of those who accepted His salvation. (compare Rev 21:2,27)

The evidence books (plural) clearly reveal who has genuinely accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord. (Da 7:10, Mt 7:16-20)

Jesus will testify before the angels on behalf of His bride (the true church). (Lk 12:8,9, Rev 3:5)

Against Satan and his wicked confederation (manifested through the little horn)

Satan's true character, motives, and effect are unmasked.

Day of Atonement (Earthly Sanctuary)

Yearly day of judgment and cleansing of God's people (Lev 16, Lev 23:26-32)

The most solemn day of the year

Announced ten days in advance by trumpets (Lev 23:23,24, Nu 29:1)

For (the cleansing of) the sanctuary and God's people

Confessed sins have been transferred from sinner to sacrifice and then, via blood, to sanctuary (Jer 17:1)

Sacrifice of the Lord's goat (Lev 16:8,9)

Removal of the record of sin (Lev 16:15-20,30,33 compare Ex 30:9,10, Da 8:14)

Against evil

Those who are not genuinely converted are cut off from Israel (Lev 23:29,32)

The guilt (not the payment) is transferred to scapegoat. (Lev 16:21)

Note that this takes place after the atonement is complete. (Lev 16:20)

Scapegoat (escape/removal goat) is sent into the wilderness carrying the guilt of all sin (Lev 16:22)

Note that the yearly cycle begins with the evening sacrifice. (Lev 16:24)

Day of Atonement (Heavenly Sanctuary)

End time final judgment and cleansing of God's people

The most solemn period of earth's history - the time of the end

Announced in advance by warning signs and messages (trumpets) (Joel 2:1,28-32, Rev 8:6,13, Rev 14:7)

For (in favor of) God and His people

Confessed sins have been transferred from sinner to Christ and then, via His blood, to heavenly sanctuary (Heb 9:11,12)

Reaffirms and uplifts the sacrificial ministry of Jesus Christ (Ac 4:12)

Reaffirms and uplifts the intercessory ministry of our High Priest Jesus Christ (1Ti 2:5, Heb 7:25)

Vindication of the perfect character of God from the false accusations of Satan

Removal of the record of sin (Ps 51:9, Heb 8:12, Heb 9:27,28, Heb 11:39,40 perfection)

Against evil

Some individuals are blotted out of the Book of Life. (Ex 32:33, Ps 69:27,28, Rev 3:5)

Professed Christians who have never really been converted. (Mt 7:21-23, Mt 15:8, Mt 25:1-12 oil (salvation) precedes light (Christ), Lk 13:22-27)

Genuinely converted Christians who have willfully fallen away. (Eze 18:24, Eze 33:13, Mt 24:13, Ro 11:21,22, 1Co 10:11,12, Heb 6:4-6, Heb 10:26,27,30, Jas 5:19,20, 2Pe 2:20-22, 2Pe 3:17)

Satan and his confederation are unmasked as the prime sin causing agents. (Rev 14:8, Rev 18:1-5)

Satan's Crimes Against God and His People

Manifested through the little horn/beast and modern Babylon powers

Claiming the place of God

Claiming to be able to forgive sin

Claiming to have the authority to override the Bible

Claiming to have the authority to change God's law and trying to do so

Claiming that the pope is infallible

Promoting works in place of grace

Promoting a man-made system of human priests, saints, and Mary

Persecuting God's people

Prophecies Indicates a Pre-Advent Judgment

When Jesus returns, He will separate the truely saved from the lost. (Mt 25:31-46, Rev 22:12)

Therefore, the investigative judgment must finish before Jesus returns.

Judgment is come, Babylon fallen, mark of the beast (Rev 14:7-12)

Therefore, the investigative judgment begins before the mark of the beast, which occurs before Jesus returns.

Little horn, apostasy, judgment, Christ's everlasting kingdom (Da 7:8-11,14)

Little horn, apostasy and persecution, judgment in favor of saints, the kingdom (Da 7:20-22)

Therefore, the investigative judgment must occur prior to the second advent.

Little horn, apostasy and persecution for 1260 years, judgment, everlasting kingdom (Da 7:24-27)

Therefore, the investigative judgment must occur sometime after 1798 (1260 years are from 538 to 1798).

Little horn, apostasy and persecution, sanctuary cleansed after 2300 days (Da 8:9-14)

The 2300 days (years) ended in 1844 (from study of Da 8 and 9). (See Time Prophecies topic)

Therefore, the cleansing of the sanctuary began in 1844.

But, the cleansing of the sanctuary refers to the investigative judgment (see above sections on Day of Atonement).

Executive Judgment of the Righteous (at the Second Advent)

Righteous are separated from the wicked and receive their reward (Mt 25:31-46, Rev 22:12)

Righteous enter into the everlasting kingdom of Christ (Da 7:18, 1Th 4:15-17)

Righteous are transformed into their glorified immortal bodies (1Co 15:42-44,51-54, Php 3:18-21)

Note that the wicked living are slain at the second advent. (2Th 2:8, Rev 19:17-21)

Investigative Judgment of the Wicked (during the Millennium)

Against the wicked (people, Satan, and fallen angels) (1Co 6:2,3, 1Pe 4:17,18)

For the benefit of the righteous (Rev 20:4-6)

People will have questions about why certain people were not saved.

Unanswered questions would sow seeds of distrust and rebellion.

Executive Judgment of the Wicked (at the End of the Millennium)  Writing on the Wall  Hell Fire

Great white throne judgment (Rev 20:11-15)

Against the wicked (the dead raised in the second resurrection) (Jn 5:28,29, Ac 24:15, Rev 20:5,12)

Note that the righteous are all written in the book of life. (Rev 20:6,14,15)

For the benefit of the wicked

God will ensure that even the wicked understand why they are not saved. (Jude 1:14,15)

Jesus' glory is reviewed in panoramic majesty (His perfect life and perfect death). (Isa 40:5)

The wicked behold the enormity of their personal guilt.

Every knee shall bow. (Ro 14:11, Php 2:10,11)

God is vindicated before the entire universe.

Wicked cast into lake of fire (second death) (Na 1:9, Eze 28:17-19, Mal 4:1-3, Mt 25:41, 2Th 1:6-9, Rev 20:9,10,14,15, Rev 21:8)

Two Reactions to Sentencing

The wicked depair with weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt 13:40-42,49,50)

The righteous toss their crowns at the feet of Jesus (Rev 4:10 compare Rev 2:10)

24 elders represent the church throughout all ages (12 patriarchs and 12 apostles)