Predictive Prophecy

God reveals the future through His prophets. (Isa 46:9,10, Am 3:7, 1Pe 1:10-12)

God reveals the future to prepare us for future events. (Mt 24:24,25, Rev 14:9-12)

God reveals the future to strengthen our faith. (Jn 13:18,19, Jn 14:28,29)

Instructive Prophecy

God instructs us through His prophets. (Ac 15:32, 1Co 14:3,4)

We prosper by following prophetic instruction. (2Ch 20:20 last part)

Unconditional Prophecy

Unconditional prophecies foretell just judgments of God that are certain to occur.

Example: The end of wicked queen Jezebel (1Ki 21:23, 2Ki 9:30-37)

Example: The Babylonian destruction and enslavement of Jerusalem (Eze 24:1,2,9-14)

Example: The millennial desolation of the earth (Jer 4:23-28)

Example: The final destruction of the wicked (Rev 20:10-15)

Unconditional prophecies foretell loving acts of God that are certain to occur.

Example: The first advent of Christ

The Saviour is born of a virgin. (Isa 7:14)

The Saviour is born in Bethlehem. (Mic 5:2)

The Saviour performs healing miracles. (Ps 146:8, Isa 29:18,19)

The Saviour enters the temple. (Mal 3:1)

The Saviour is crucified for our sins. (Ps 22:14-16, Isa 49:16, Isa 53:4,5, Zec 12:10, Zec 13:6)

Example: The second advent of Christ (Jn 14:2,3, 1Th 4:16,17, Rev 19:11-16)

Conditional Prophecy

Conditional prophecies foretell events that are conditional upon obedience to God. (Dt 7:12, Dt 8:19,20, Jer 18:7-10)

Note that obedience to God is a natural consequence of love for God. (Jn 14:15,21, 1Jn 2:3)

Example: The blessings and curses pronounced from two mountains (Gerizim and Ebal) (Dt 11:26-32, Dt 27:1-26, Jos 8:28-35)

The blessings (Dt 28:2-14 examples Dt 28:7,8)

The conditional nature of the blessings (Dt 11:26,27, Dt 28:1,2,9)

Note the sacrifice on mount Ebal. (Dt 27:4-7)

Faith in the sacrifice of Jesus is the only path of atonement and blessings. (Ac 4:12)

The curses (Dt 27:15-26, Dt 28:15-68 examples Dt 28:25,30,32,64-67)

The conditional nature of the curses (Dt 11:26,28, Dt 28:15,45,62, Dt 29:18-21, Dt 29:22-27, Isa 48:17-19)

Note the law of God on mount Ebal. (Dt 27:2-4,8)

The transgression of God's law is the self-inflicted cause of the curses. (1Jn 3:4-6)

Example: The promised land (Ex 6:2,6-8, Nu 14:26-35)

Example: Eli the high priest (1Sa 2:27-31)

Example: Hezekiah (2Ki 20:1-5)

Example: Nineveh (Jnh 3:3-5,10)

Prophecy Symbols

The Bible encodes prophecies in symbols in order to protect them from the powers they identify until an appointed time. (compare Da 12:4,9)

The Bible provides its own symbol decoding.

Example: Beast/Animal - King/Kingdom/Power (Da 7:17,23, Rev 17:10,11)

Example: Day - One literal year (Nu 14:34, Eze 4:4-6)

Example: Dragon - Satan/Devil (Rev 12:9)

Example: Number 12 - God's people (Ge 49:28, Lk 6:12-16, Rev 7:4-8, Rev 12:1-5, Rev 21:2,12)

Example: Stars - Angels (messengers) (Job 38:4-7, Isa 14:12,13, Rev 1:20, Rev 12:4,9)

Note on Rev 12:1 and Rev 14:9: Angel [Gr. aggelos (ang'-el-os)] - "messenger" (Strong's Dictionary)

God's people (the church) (Ge 37:9 see Number 12, Da 12:3, Rev 12:1 see Number 12)

Example: Waters (Sea) - Peoples/Multitudes/Nations/Languages (Isa 17:12, Rev 17:15)

Prophecy Patterns

Sequential prophecy starts in the prophet's day and progresses to the end times. (Rev 1:19)

Example: The individual world powers prophecies of Daniel follow the sequential prophecy pattern.

Parallel prophecies mirror each other, with subsequent revelations providing increasing detail and end-times focus.

Example: The multiple variants of the world powers prophecies of Daniel follow the parallel prophecy pattern.

Examples: The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation concerning the false church system and its persecution of the true church parallel each other.

Historical foreshadowings record actual historical events that foreshadow corresponding end times events.

Examples: The historic chapters of Daniel foreshadow the end times experience of the remnant church.

Time prophecies provide starting point, ending point, and duration clues to a future event.

Example: The 1260 days of Daniel chapters 7 and 12, and Revelation chapters 11, 12, and 13.

Example: The 2300 days of Daniel chapter 8.

Example: The seventy weeks of Daniel chapter 9.

End Times Prophecies

Many of the prophecies of Daniel are end times prophecies. (Da 2:28, Da 8:17, Da 10:14)

The book of Revelation parallels (continues and expands upon) the book of Daniel. (compare Da 12:4,9 and Rev 10:1-11)

Prophetic Highlights of Daniel

Daniel Chapter 1 (Historical Foreshadowing Prophecy)

Daniel purposes not to defile himself with the king's meat and wine.

God's servants obey His health laws.

God's servants maintain clarity of mind.

Only those who are able to pass the small tests are be able to withstand the larger ones.

Daniel Chapter 2 (Sequential Prophecy)

The image of metals

Head of gold - Babylonian empire, Nebuchadnezzar

Chest and arms of silver - Medo-Persia empire, Cyrus

Belly and thighs of bronze - Greco-Macedonian empire, Alexander the Great

Legs of iron - Roman empire, the Caesars

Feet of iron mixed with clay - Divided Europe

The stone that fills the earth - Future second advent of Christ

Daniel Chapter 3 (Historical Foreshadowing Prophecy)

Image of gold - Foreshadows the image of the beast

Fiery furnace - Foreshadows the death decree for failure to worship the image of the beast

The Son of God - Foreshadows the second advent of Christ

Daniel Chapter 4 (Historical Foreshadowing Prophecy)

Nebuchadnezzar's salvation

Foreshadows the spread of the gospel to all nations

Foreshadows God's call to come out of Babylon

Daniel Chapter 5 (Historical Foreshadowing Prophecy)

Pagan worship using the vessels of Gods temple - Foreshadows the apostate, fallen state of modern Babylon

The hand writing on the wall - Foreshadows the judgment of modern Babylon

Daniel Chapter 6 (Historical Foreshadowing Prophecy)

The lion's den

Foreshadows the death decree to prohibit true worship and force false worship

Foreshadows God's remnant people being faithful unto death

Daniel Chapter 7 (Sequential and Parallel Prophecy)

The four beasts

Lion with wings - Babylon

Bear raised on one side - Medo-Persia

Leopard with 4 heads and 4 wings - Greece

Beast with great iron teeth - Rome

The 10 horns - Divided Europe

The little horn with the eyes of a man, a mouth speaking great things, and making war with the saints - The Roman Church

The Son of man - Jesus

Daniel Chapter 8 (Sequential and Parallel Prophecy)

The ram with two horns - Medo-Persia

The soaring goat - Greece

The little horn - The Roman Church

The Prince of the host - Jesus

Daniel Chapter 9 (Time Prophecy)

The seventy weeks and Messiah the Prince

Foretells the exact time of Jesus' baptism and crucifixion

Daniel Chapter 10

The great, spiritual realm controversy between good and evil

Michael, one of the chief princes - Jesus

Note: The other chief prince is Satan.

Daniel Chapter 11 (Sequential and Parallel Prophecy)

Pagan Rome, the Roman Church, and modern Babylon

Daniel Chapter 12

The time of great trouble

The second advent of Christ

Prophetic Highlights of Revelation

Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 (Sequential Prophecy)

Letters to 7 churches - The 7 church ages

The Church of Ephesus - Early/Apostolic Church

The Church of Smyrna - Persecuted/Martyred Church

The Church of Pergamos - Compromising/Apostate Church

The Church of Thyatira - Dark Ages/Wilderness Church

The Church of Sardis - Reformation Church

The Church of Philadelphia - Advent Awakening/Commandment-Keeping Church

The Church of Laodicea - Modern/Materialistic Church

Revelation Chapter 6 (Sequential Prophecy)

The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse - The 4 church environments

The rider on white horse - Christ and His righteousness

The rider on red horse - Satan and his persecution

The rider on black horse - The Roman Church and its eclipse of the gospel

The rider on pale horse - The Roman Church and its deadly doctrines

Revelation Chapter 7

The 144,000 - The true church

Revelation Chapter 10 (Parallel Prophecy to Daniel)

The little open book - The advent awakening

Revelation Chapter 11

The two witnesses - The Bible (old and new testaments)

Revelation Chapter 12

The pure woman

The wilderness church

The remnant church

Revelation Chapter 13 (Parallel Prophecy to Daniel)


The sea beast - The Roman Church

The earth beast - The United States of America

The image of the beast - A worldwide, ruling confederation of church and state

The mark of the beast - Enforcement of a counterfeit Sabbath

Revelation Chapter 14

The 3 angels' message

First angel - Worldwide preaching of the gospel

Second angel - Worldwide revelation of the false and fallen state of modern Babylon

Third angel - Worldwide warning against receiving the mark of the beast

Revelation Chapter 16

The 7 last plagues

The 3 frogs (unclean spirits) that lead the attack on truth

First frog out of the mouth of the dragon - Satan and his fallen angels (demons)

Second frog out of the mouth of the beast - The Roman Church system

Third frog out of the mouth of the false prophet - The apostate Protestantism system (combined with the United States government)

The spiritual battle of Armageddon

Revelation Chapter 17

Modern Babylon - The false church


Modern Babylon makes war with the Lamb - The final battle against Jesus and His remnant church

Revelation Chapter 18

God calls His people out of modern Babylon

"Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

Revelation Chapter 19

The Rider on a white horse - The second advent of Christ

Revelation Chapter 20

Post advent events

The Millennium - Satan chained during the investigative judgment of the wicked

The great white throne judgment - The executive judgment of the wicked, the second death

Revelation Chapters 21 and 22

New Jerusalem - Paradise restored

The Gift of Prophecy

Prophecy is one of the gifts of the Spirit. (1Co 12:10,28, 1Co 14:1, Eph 4:11-13, 1Th 5:19-22)

True prophecy is revealed by the Holy Spirit (Spirit of Christ). (1Pe 1:10,11, 2Pe 1:20,21)

Both men and women can be prophets. (Joel 2:28,29)

Examples (men): Moses, Nathan (2Sa 7:2), Elijah (1Ki 18:36), Elisha (Lk 4:27), Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, John the Revelator

Examples (women): Miriam (Aaron's sister, Ex 15:20), Huldah (2Ch 34:22), Anna (Lk 2:36-38)

A prophet does not have to write a portion of the Bible.

Examples: Miriam, Anna, Nathan, Elijah, Elisha

The gift of prophecy will function in the end times. (Joel 2:28-32)

False Prophets

False prophets have appeared throughout history. (Jer 29:9, Eze 13:1-7)

False prophets will continue to appear with great deceptions. (Mt 24:24,25, Rev 19:20)

False prophets are sent by Satan to establish false doctrines. (Rev 16:13,14 compare Rev 12:9)

Identification Marks of a False Prophet

False prophets contradict the word of God. (Isa 8:20)

False prophets do not exhibit genuine righteousness. (Mt 7:15-20)

False prophets do not agree that Jesus overcame the fleshly nature, and that Jesus wants us to do the same. (1Jn 4:1-3) (compare Jn 16:33, Ro 12:21, 1Jn 2:1-6, Rev 3:21, Rev 21:7)

False prophets seek to turn our focus to a created being, rather than God the Creator. (Dt 13:1-11)

God's messages do not come via sorcery or astrology. (Isa 47:1,9,12-14)

God's messages do not come via supposed contacts with the dead. (Dt 18:9-12)

Identification Marks of a True Prophet

True prophets receive God's messages in dreams and visions. (Nu 12:6, Da 2:17-19, Da 7:1, Da 8:1, Ac 11:5-18)

Note that God is not the source of most dreams. (Ecc 5:3,7, Isa 29:8, Jer 23:32, Jer 29:8,9, Zec 10:2)

The reception of the message may be accompanied by physical signs.

The prophet may fall prostrate as in a deep sleep. (Da 10:9, Rev 1:17)

The prophet may have no strength at first. (Da 10:8)

The prophet may be given strength. (Da 10:10,18,19)

The prophet may stop breathing. (Da 10:17)

All of a true prophet's predictions come true. (Dt 18:19-22, Jer 28:9)

A true prophet's message uplifts Jesus. (Rev 19:10 compare Rev 12:17)

A true prophet's message builds up the church. (1Co 14:3,4)

Note on 1Co 14:3,4: Edify - "To build, in a literal sense. To instruct and improve the mind in knowledge generally, and particularly in moral and religious knowledge, in faith and holiness." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

A true prophet's message is given in an orderly and peaceful manner. (1Co 14:31-33)

True prophets manifest the fruit of the Spirit. (Mt 7:15-20 compare Gal 5:22,23)

True prophets humbly point to God as the source of their messages. (Da 2:26-30)


Can a true prophet give a prophecy that is a lie? (1Ki 13:7-26) (No)

The old prophet that lied was a false prophet from Satan.

God spoke through this false prophet only one time: to condemn the disobedience of the man of God.

God never sends us a lie. (Heb 6:17,18)