The Remnant

Introductory text (Isa 1:9)

Remnant - "Residue; that which is left after the separation, removal or destruction of a part." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

A remnant is always like the original.

A remnant is sometimes all that remains of the original.

A remnant is a residue. (Isa 28:5)

The Remnant Church

There is only one true church. (Jn 10:16, 1Co 12:13, Eph 4:4-6, Eph 5:25-27)

God's true church is focused on preserving the truth. (1Ti 3:15) (compare Jn 16:13 and Jn 17:17)

We are not to put our faith in human institutions. (Mt 15:3,8,9, Col 2:8)

If their doctrines are not scriptural, there is no light in them. (Isa 8:20)

God has always preserved His remnant. (Ro 11:2-6, Rev 12:1-6,13-17)

God wants His people to be united in truth. (Jn 17:20-23, 1Co 1:10 compare 1Co 2:16 and Jn 14:6, 1Co 12:25, Eph 4:12,13)

Offshoots from the true church are not part of it. (1Jn 2:19)

Many of God's people now innocently reside in false churches, but He is calling them to "come out" and unite with His final remnant church. (Rev 18:1-5 compare Jer 51:9)

The false churches are represented as the wicked woman Babylon and her daughters. (Rev 17:3-5)

The true church is represented as the pure woman and the remnant of her seed. (Rev 12:1,5,17 compare Gal 3:16)

Identification Marks of the Final Remnant Church

The final remnant church arose after the wilderness church period ended in 1798. (Rev 12:6,14-17)

The wilderness church period marked 1260 years of Roman Church power and persecution.

The final remnant church keeps the commandments of God. (Rev 12:17, Rev 14:12, Rev 22:14)

Therefore, they keep the Biblical seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday). (Ex 20:8-11, Ex 31:16,17, Eze 20:12,20)

Note that they keep the commandments out of love, rather than in any legalistic manner. (Jn 14:15,21, 1Jn 5:2,3)

The final remnant church keeps the faith of Jesus. (Rev 14:12)

They acknowledge Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. (Mt 20:28, Mt 21:3)

They understand that they are saved solely through faith in Jesus. (Jn 14:6)

Their doctrines are based on the word of God. (Mt 4:4, Mt 13:23, Mt 22:29)

They walk as Jesus walked. (1Jn 2:6)

Jesus kept the commandments of God. (Mt 5:17, Jn 15:10)

The final remnant church has the testimony of Jesus.

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. (Rev 19:10 compare Rev 22:9)

The Holy Spirit in the prophets testifies about Jesus. (1Pe 1:10,11)

The Holy Spirit in God's remnant people testifies about Jesus. (Jn 15:26)

The testimony of Jesus is the word of God. (Jn 1:1, Jn 3:30-35, Jn 5:39, Jn 12:49,50, Rev 1:1-3, Rev 22:16)

A true prophet speaks the word of God. (Dt 18:18-22)

The word of God tells us to have faith in Jesus. (Jn 3:16) (compare the parallel verse Rev 14:12)

They testify of Jesus through their Christ-like character. (Zep 3:13,14, 2Co 5:17, Gal 2:20, Rev 14:1)

The final remnant church is set apart and kept pure by the word of God. (Eph 5:26,27)

The Final Remnant Church Proclaims the Messages of Daniel and Revelation

The final remnant church experienced an initial bitter disappointment over the book of Daniel in 1844. (Rev 10:1,2,8-10 compare Da 12:4)

The disappointment ocurred as a result of their error in concluding that the ending event of the 2300 year prophecy of Daniel 8 and 9 was the second coming of Christ.

As a result of their grevious public error, many fell away, but others, through prayer and continued Bible study, moved forward to the correct understanding that the cleansing of the sanctuary referred to the heavenly sanctuary and corresponded to the beginning of the pre-advent, investigative judgment of the righteous.

After the bitter disappointment, the Bible commands the final remnant church to proclaim their understanding of the end time Bible prophecies to the whole world. (Rev 10:10,11)

The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are summarized in the four angels' messages of Revelation.

These messages are obviously not heralded by actual angels who appear in the sky.

The word angel has a broader meaning of messanger.

Angel [Gr. aggelos (ang'-el-os)] - "messenger" (Strong's Dictionary)

Only those who let the Bible interpret itself are able to unlock and clearly understand the meanings of these prophecies.

Only those who are not held captive by the deceptions of modern Babylon are able to call God's people out of her.

Only the remnant, which is like the original, which has been preserved from the infective doctrines of devils, can fulfill this prophetic role. (compare Rev 12:17 and Rev 19:10)

First angel's message

The eternal gospel is preached to all nations. (Mt 24:14, Rev 14:6)

The pre-advent judgment (investigative judgment of the righteous) emphasizes that we are in the time of the end. (Rev 14:7)

The call to worship the Creator reminds us again that the Sabbath is to be our weekly memorial of creation. (Rev 14:7)

Second angel's message

A revealing message about modern Babylon and its fallen state (Rev 14:8)

Third angel's message

A warning message about the mark of the beast (Rev 14:9-11)

Fourth angel's message

A direct appeal from God for His people to come out of Babylon (Rev 18:1-5)