The Remnant is Blessed

God's remnant church is blessed. (Jer 29:11, Zec 8:12)

Let's consider 7 of her greatest blessings.

In so doing, we will be making comparisons between the true church and the false church.

Two Churches

There is a true church and a false church.

Modern Babylon is the False Church

In the end times, the false church system is called Babylon the Great. (Rev 17:5)

This modern Babylon deceives the world with her false doctrines and practices. (Rev 17:2)

Modern Babylon is an outward appearance, without true godliness. (2Ti 3:5)

Modern Babylon follows her own, self-made, convenience doctrines. (2Ti 4:3,4, Mt 15:9)

God is calling His people out of modern Babylon. (Rev 18:1-4)

They are called out of the false church and into His true church.

The Remnant is the True Church

A remnant matches the original.

When all else has changed, it remains true to the original.

There is one, and only one, true church. (Jn 10:16, again Rev 18:4)

This one and only true church is the remnant church.

The remnant and modern Babylon are both singular and plural.

Each is singular as one united body.

Each is plural as a multitude of members.

The Remnant is Blessed

1. The Remnant Have Jesus

The remnant have the testimony of Jesus. (Rev 12:17)

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. (Rev 19:10)

However, the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. (1Pe 1:10-12)

Note that the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Christ. (Ro 8:9)

The Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus. (Jn 15:26)

The scriptures testify of Jesus. (Jn 5:39)

The remnant testify of Jesus. (2Co 5:18-20)

The remnant keep the faith of Jesus. (Rev 14:12)

This is a relational faith in Jesus as Creator, Saviour, and Lord.

As their Creator (Rev 14:6,7)

As their Saviour (Jn 17:3)

As their Lord (Jn 14:15)

God's people in modern Babylon currently also have Jesus. However:

Having accepted the false doctrine of evolution, many no longer know Him as the Creator.

Having reversed the role of works, many no longer know Him as the Saviour.

Having minimized the 10 commandments, many no longer know Him as the Lord.

2. The Remnant Have God's Word

The remnant have the entire Bible.

Modern Babylon has both taken away and added to the Bible. (compare Rev 22:18,19)

For many, their misinterpretation of the old covenant has taken away the entire old testament.

For many, their blindness to truth has allowed the addition of uninspired books.

The uninspired books contradict the inspired books, thus, breeding confusion.

The remnant accept the Bible as God's indisputable word.

Modern Babylon pridefully holds her traditions at a higher level than the Bible. (Mk 7:9,13)

The remnant understand the Bible by letting the Bible interpret itself.

Modern Babylon pridefully elevates her own, private interpretations. (2Pe 1:20)

3. The Remnant Keep God's Moral Law

The remnant keep the commandments of God. (Rev 12:17, Ps 112:1, Mt 5:19)

Definitions of "keep" (Webster's Dictionary 1828):

"To hold, to retain in one's power of possession; not to lose or part with; as, to keep anything in the memory, mind or heart." (compare Heb 8:10)

"To preserve; to retain." (Ps 12:6,7)

"To practice; to do or perform; to obey; as, to keep the laws, statutes or commandments of God."

As a moral mirror, God's law shows us our sin. (Ro 3:20)

As a moral mirror, God's law reflects His perfect character. (Ps 19:7)

God refers to the 10 commandments as His "testimony". (Ex 25:21,21)

God's law shows us our need for Jesus to save us from the penalty and power of sin.

God's law shows us our need for Jesus to form in us His righteous character.

God will continue to magnify His law. (Isa 42:21)

Modern Babylon minimizes God's law and brands all those who uplift it as "legalists" who have "fallen from grace". (Gal 5:4)

Works of the law are only an issue if you try to stand on them; Jesus, the Rock, is the only Foundation. (1Co 3:11)

The remnant keep the 10 commandments out of love for God. (1Jn 5:2,3)

The remnant know they are not made righteous by keeping commandments. (Gal 3:11)

Their righteousness shines through them from Jesus, who is the source of all righteousness. (Jer 23:6, Php 3:9)

The remnant keep all the commandments, including the prohibition against idols. (Ex 20:4,5)

Modern Babylon reverences statues, relics, and icons.

Modern Babylon lavishly adores human idols, such as music stars, movie stars, sports stars, her church leaders, and her canonized saints.

The remnant keep all the commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday). (Ex 20:8-11)

Modern Babylon has a counterfeit Sabbath (Sunday). (Da 7:25)

Modern Babylon works on their sabbath.

Modern Babylon buys and sells on their sabbath. (Ne 13:15-22)

The remnant are blessed by keeping God's commandments. (Ac 5:32)

The remnant are particulary blessed by keeping the Sabbath. (Ge 2:3, Isa 58:13,14)

4. The Remnant Keep God's Health Laws

The remnant keep God's health laws. (Lev 11:1-47)

Following God's health laws, the remnant are blessed with exceptional health. (3Jn 1:2)

Modern Babylon sanctions the eating of unclean (contaminated) foods (e.g., pork, crab, lobster, and shrimp).

Modern Babylon sanctions the "moderate" use of alcoholic beverages (beer and wine). (Pr 20:1)

5. The Remnant Know God

The remnant know God. (Heb 8:10-11 compare Jn 17:3)

As previously mentioned, the remnant know God as their Creator, Saviour, and Lord.

Following God's 4th commandment, the remnant know God as their Creator every Sabbath, which is His weekly memorial of the creation.

Through the wonder of individual being, each of us can say "I am".

Only God, the universal source of all being, can claim the name "I AM".

Obeying God's commandments, the remnant know God as their Lord.

The remnant also know God as Love. (1Jn 4:8)

Because of the cross, the remnant know Jesus as their Saviour. (Jn 12:32,33)

Because of God's love, the remnant know that "whosoever will" can be saved. (Jn 3:16, Rev 22:17)

Modern Babylon teaches that God created pre-ordained objects of wrath (doctrine of election).

(a misinterpretation of Ro 9:18-22)

Because of God's love, the remnant know that sinners will be mercifully destroyed at the judgment and that God takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked. (Eze 33:11)

Even Satan, the worst of all sinners, will be permanently destroyed. (Eze 28:17-19)

Modern Babylon teaches that God will burn sinners alive forever in hell fire.

Modern Babylon's portrayal of God is the product of Satan's character assassination of God.

The god that modern Babylon will end up worshipping is none other than Satan himself. (Rev 13:4)

6. The Remnant See

The remnant have clarity of spiritual vision. (1Co 2:14)

Modern Babylon is blinded by falsehood. (Rev 3:17,18)

Modern Babylon needs the "eyesalve" of truth.

God's word is truth. (Jn 17:17)

The Holy Spirit leads to truth. (Jn 16:13)

Jesus is the Truth. (Jn 14:6)

Modern Babylon's blindness numbs her people with the venom of confusion.

Because they can see clearly, the remnant will not be fooled by deceptions.

Modern Babylon will continue to succumb to greater and greater deceptions. (2Th 2:9-12, Rev 19:20)

As they look at the world and all of its amazing creatures, the remnant see God the Creator. (Ro 1:20)

They are not blinded by the sand storm of evolution. (Ge 1:1, Ex 20:11, Ps 33:9, Ro 1:21-23)

The remnant will not be fooled by supposed communications with the dead.

They know that the dead sleep in the grave. (Ps 115:17, 1Co 15:13-18)

Modern Babylon will succumb to lying spirits. (Rev 16:13,14)

The remnant will not be fooled by false Christs or secret raptures.

They know the signs of the second coming of Jesus. (Mt 24:23-27)

The remnant will not be fooled by a focus on the middle east in prophecy.

They know that all of God's people make up modern Israel. (Gal 3:7-9,14,26-29)

They know that the church (collectively and individually) is the temple of God. (1Co 3:16)

The remnant will not worship the beast, its image, or Satan. (Rev 13:4,8,15)

They worship the one true God. (Mk 12:29)

His oneness includes all of His aspects: Creator, Saviour, and Lord.

7. The Remnant are Persecuted

Persecution is a blessing (although typically unwelcome). (Mt 5:10-12, Ro 8:16-18, 1Pe 4:12-16) (compare Heb 5:7,8)

The remnant are persecuted. (Rev 12:17, Lk 6:26, Jn 15:18-20, Php 1:29, 2Ti 3:12, 1Pe 2:20,21)

Rather than suffering persecution, modern Babylon is deceived by materialistic prosperity. (Rev 3:14,17,18, Rev 18:10-13)

Rather than suffering persecution, modern Babylon will persecute the remnant. (Rev 13:15-17) (compare Jn 11:49,50 and Jn 16:2)

The Remnant Have Great Responsibilities

To whom more is given, more is expected. (Lk 12:48)

The remnant must remain true to God's word. (Jn 17:17)

The remnant must remain united. (Jn 17:20-23)

The remnant must continue to call God's people out of modern Babylon. (Rev 18:4, Mt 28:18-20)

The remnant must receive and nurture the refugees from modern Babylon. (compare Zec 8:20-23)

The remnant must remain faithful, even against the greatest deceptions of Satan. (Mt 24:24, 2Th 2:9-12, Rev 16:13,14)

The remnant must remain faithful, even unto death. (Rev 12:10,11, Zep 3:13,17)