Dead to Sin (Romans 6)

Dead to sin.

Crucified with Christ.

Newness of life.

Willful change.

Sins of Commission

Sinful actions

Breaking God's law (1Jn 3:4, Ex 20:1-17)

Sinful words

Cursing, filthy language, gossip, lying, slander, coarse joking, foolish talk, jesting, complaining (Mt 12:36,37, Eph 4:29, Eph 5:4, Php 2:14,15, Col 3:8,9, Jas 3:10)

Sinful attitudes (Jer 6:19)

Lust is adultery. (Mt 5:28, 2Pe 2:14)

Hatred is murder. (1Jn 3:15)

Anger, wrath, malice, hatred, disagreement, discord, envy, greed, covetousness, evil desires, selfish ambition, impurity, lust (Gal 5:19-21, Col 3:5-8)

The 10th commandment (Ex 20:17) (compare Jas 1:13-15)

Sins of Omission

Lacking good actions (Jas 4:17, Mt 25:41-46)

Lacking good words (Mt 12:37, Eph 4:29, Eph 5:4)

Lacking good attitudes (1Sa 12:23, Mt 5:44)

1. What shall we say then?

The context is the supremacy of grace. (Ro 5:20,21)

What is our response to the grace of God?

Shall we continue in sin?

That grace may abound?

Before the cross, this would mean more sacrifical lambs. (Ps 51:16,17, Isa 1:11-17, Jer 7:22-24, Hos 6:6 compare Mt 9:13 and Mt 12:7)

Note on Ps 51:17: Contrite - "broken-hearted for sin; deeply affected with grief and sorrow for having offended God" (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

2. We are to be dead to sin.

How can we live any longer in sin, if we are dead to it?

If we continue in sin, we are not really dead to it.

If we continue in sin, we do not really hate it. (Pr 8:13, Eze 9:4-6)

3. Baptism's first meaning is personal identification with the death of Christ.

Christ died to take away the penalty and power of sin. (Jn 12:32,33)

Going down under the water represents our personal death to sin.

4. Baptism's second meaning is personal identification with the resurrection of Christ.

Coming up out of the water represents our new life in Christ. (Jn 3:6,7)

Coming up out of the water represents our new walk with Christ. (2Co 5:17, Col 1:27, 1Jn 2:6)

The new walk is after the Spirit, not after the flesh. (Ro 8:4)

5. IF we have been planted

Likeness of His death - Our sins died with Him. (1Pe 2:24)

We shall be in the likeness of His resurrection.

Having the glory of God - Jesus. (1Pe 1:21) (compare Jn 17:5,22,23, 2Co 4:6, Rev 21:23,24)

6. Our "old man" is crucified. (2Co 5:17, Gal 2:20, Gal 5:24, Gal 6:14)

Our "body of sin" is destroyed - Complete extinction. (1Jn 3:7-9)

Henceforth - From the time of our baptism.

We are not to serve sin. (Mt 16:24,25)

7. Through Jesus, the death of our sinful nature brings freedom from sin. (Isa 61:1 compare Lk 4:18, Jn 8:34-36, 2Co 3:17)

8. IF we be dead with Christ

We BELIEVE (through faith) that we shall also live WITH HIM.

Righteousness is not a thing.

Righteousness is a person - Jesus (Jer 23:6, Ro 5:17-19, 2Co 5:21, Php 1:11, Php 3:9)

9. Jesus does not need to die on the cross again. (Heb 7:27)

10. Jesus died "unto sin" one time, not multiple times. (Ex 17:6 compare Nu 20:11,12, Dt 8:15 compare 1Co 10:4) (compare Heb 6:4-6)

Jesus now lives "unto God". (Ac 7:55,56, 1Ti 2:5, Heb 7:25)

11. We are to be dead unto sin, but alive unto God THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.

12. Let not - Our WILL must be aligned with His will.

13. Yield - Our WILL. (Lk 2:49, Mt 6:10, Jn 4:34, Jn 5:30, Jn 6:38, Jn 8:29)

Instruments of righteousness - To be used by God.

14. Under the law - A false belief that the law can justify/save us. (Gal 2:16, Gal 3:11)

Salvation is by grace alone. (Eph 2:8,9)

15. The original question is asked a second time.

Shall we sin?

The answer is that God forbid such a notion. (Jos 24:15,16, Ro 3:31, Ro 6:2, Gal 6:14)

16. Yield - Our WILL. (Mt 7:21, Mt 12:50)

Obedience to sin leads to eternal death.

Obedience to God leads to righteousness - Jesus, who is eternal life. (Jn 11:25, Jn 14:6, 1Jn 5:12)

17. Obeyed from the heart - Love for God. (Jn 14:15,21, Heb 8:10)

18. Servants of righteousness - Jesus. (compare Rev 1:1)

19. Yield - Our WILL. (Lk 9:51, Mt 26:39-42)

Servants to righteousness - Jesus. (compare Rev 7:3 and Rev 19:4-7)

Unto holiness (Eph 1:4, Eph 5:27)

20,21. Recall your previous life.

What manner of fruit came out of your past?

Seeing our past makes us ashamed.

We were headed for eternal death.

22. Now we have the fruit of the Spirit. (Gal 5:22,23)

Now we are headed for eternal life.

In this life we do not arrive; we ever keep advancing. (Pr 4:18, 2Co 3:18)

23. Sin yields death. (Gal 6:7,8)

God's gift is eternal life THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.