God the Father

The Natural Man Cannot See the Father

The natural man cannot see the Father. (Isa 6:8,9, Jer 5:21, Eze 12:2, Mt 13:12-14,16, 1Co 2:14, 1Ti 6:14-16, 1Jn 4:12)

The Father can only be seen with spiritual eyes. (Jn 4:24)

The Father is Seen Only by those who are "of God"

The Father is seen only by those who are "of God". (Jn 6:46)

Those who are of God hear (understand and accept) God's word. (Jn 8:47)

Those who are of God believe Jesus is their Saviour and that He overcame the world. (1Jn 4:2) (compare Jn 16:33, Rev 3:20,21) (compare 1Jn 5:4,5)

Those who are of God do good. (1Jn 3:8-10, 3Jn 1:11)

The pure in heart shall see God. (Mt 5:8)

The Father is Revealed Only through Jesus

The Father is revealed only through Jesus. (Jn 1:18, Jn 9:39, Jn 10:30, Jn 14:6-11, Jn 17:25,26, Col 1:13-15, Heb 1:1-3)

The Father is our Father

The Father is our Father. (Jn 1:12,13, Ro 8:13-17, Eph 1:3-5, Php 2:15)


Does God cause spiritual deafness and blindness? (Isa 6:10) (No)

The people cannot be judged deaf until they have heard and then willfully reject God's message.

The people cannot be judged blind until they have observed and then willfully reject God's character.

In repeatedly declaring and demonstrating the character of God, the people are given every opportunity to embrace Him.

Under such a history of God's longsuffering patience, the peoples' response unmistakenly and justly declares their true spiritual condition.

Spiritual deafness and blindness is caused by a rebellious heart. (Eze 12:2)

Spiritual deafness and blindness is self inflicted. (Mt 13:15)

Did Jesus speak in parables in order to hide the truth from the people? (Mt 13:13) (No)

God's truth is simple to understand, not requiring any high intellectualism, and not being an exclusive secret.

Jesus spoke in simple parables to make sure that everyone can understand it.

Note: The Father cares for us as would a comforting mother. (Isa 66:13)