Kingdom of Heaven

The kingdom of heaven (Da 2:44,45, Da 7:27, Mt 3:1,2, Mt 25:34, Lk 1:31-33, Rev 11:15, Rev 19:16)

Treasures in heaven (Mt 5:11,12, Mt 6:20,21, Mk 10:21, Jn 14:2,3, Rev 22:12)

Heaven will be on the Earth

All things will be made new. (Ro 8:18-21, 2Pe 3:5-7,11-13, Rev 21:5)  Earth Fire

Heaven will be on the earth. (Ps 37:28,29, Isa 35:1-10, Isa 51:11, Isa 60:21, Isa 65:17-19,21,22,25, Mt 5:5, Mt 6:9,10)

Note: Zion is identified with Jerusalem (Zec 8:3, Zec 9:9 compare Mt 21:1-5, Heb 12:22,23)

Heaven will be Paradise Restored

Heaven will be paradise restored. (Isa 11:6-9, Isa 51:3, Isa 55:12,13 compare Ge 3:17-19, Isa 60:18,19, Eze 34:23-31, Mic 4:1-5, Ac 3:19-21, Rev 7:16, Rev 21:4,5)

Note on Ac 3:21: Restitution - "Restitution of all things, the putting the world in a holy and happy state. Acts iii." (Webster's Dictionary 1828)

The Sabbath will be celebrated. (Isa 66:22,23)

We will enjoy heaven. (Ps 16:11, Ps 84:11)

New Jerusalem  New Jerusalem

New Jerusalem (Heb 11:13-16, Rev 21:1-3, Rev 21:16-18, Rev 21:22-27, Rev 22:1-5)

We Will Receive a New Body

We will receive a new body. (Lk 24:38-43, 1Co 15:39-44,49, Php 3:20,21,)

Our personal identities will be maintained. (Job 19:25-27, Mt 8:11, Lk 9:28-30)

Deceased children will be reunited with their parents. (Jer 31:15-17 compare Mt 2:16-18)

God will Dwell with us

God will dwell with us. (1Co 13:12 compare 1Jn 3:2, Rev 21:3, Rev 22:3-5)


Will there be death and sinners in heaven? (Isa 65:20 see context Isa 65:17-25) (No)

The first part of the verse guarantees that these conditions will not be present.

The second part is a poetic, comparative expression.

The dying of the child can only be a transformation from childhood to maturity.

The curse of the sinner can only indicate that the fate of sinners (extinction) will never be reversed with the passing of time.

Have any people gone to heaven already? (Jn 3:13) (Only a special few)

Researching this topic, we see that Enoch, Moses, Elijah, and others went to heaven.

Enoch (see Heb 11:5)

Moses (see Jude 1:9, Lk 9:30)

Elijah (see 2Ki 2:11, Lk 9:30)

At Christ's resurrection, many were raised and taken to heaven (see Mt 27:51-53, Eph 4:8)

The context reveals the intended meaning: that there is no one else who has come from heaven to tell about heavenly things, except Jesus. (Jn 3:11,12)

Will we have bodies in heaven? (1Co 15:50) (Yes)

"Flesh and blood" is a figure of speech designating a mortal of this earth (see Mt 16:17, Eph 6:12).

We will have immortal heavenly bodies in which to live, move, express, and enjoy. (compare 1Co 15:54)

Did someone leave their body, go to heaven, and then return? (2Co 12:2-4) (No)

This refers to Paul himself (see 2Co 12:7). This was a revelation through vision.

Will there be endless repetition of the same thing in heaven? (Rev 4:8-10) (No)

The presence of "when" in verse 9 shows that this activity is periodic rather than constant.