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God is Life

God is the Essence of Being. (Ex 3:14, Jn 8:56-58)

God is Life. (Jn 11:25, Jn 14:6)

God alone is Immortal. (1Ti 6:14-16)

God Created all Life

God Designed all Life

God Sustains all Life

God is for Life

Life Begins in the Womb

Children are a Blessing of Life

We are to Respect Life

We are to Respect Quality of Life

Rejecting God is Rejecting Quality of Life

Rejecting God is Rejecting Life

Jesus is the only Way to Eternal Life


Did God disrespect life?

When He sent the flood?

When He commanded an eye for an eye?

When He commanded capital punishment?

When He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?

When he commanded the complete destruction of all the men, women, and children in many cities that Israel conquered?

Answer: Love only allows harm to prevent greater harm. (Jdg 16:25-30, 1Ki 20:1-43, Ecc 3:1,3, Mt 5:29,30, Lk 17:1,2, Ro 13:3,4)

Do we obtain eternal life because of our deeds? (Mt 19:17, Mt 19:29, Mt 25:31-46)

Answer: We are not saved by our deeds.

Answer: We are saved by genuine faith in Jesus and our deeds (works) are the evidence of this faith.