Steward - "A man employed in great families to manage the domestic concerns, superintend the other servants, collect the rents or income, keep the accounts, etc." (Webster's Dictionary 1828) (compare Ge 44:1,2, 1Ch 28:1, and Mt 20:8)

God Owns Everything

God owns everything. (Ex 19:5, Lev 25:23, Dt 10:14, 1Ch 29:11, Job 41:11, Ps 24:1, Ps 50:7-14, 1Co 10:26, Col 1:16)

We are Stewards of His Creation (the Earth)

We are stewards of His creation (the Earth). (Ge 1:28, Ge 2:15) (compare Rev 11:18)

We are Stewards of His Temple (Our Body)

We are stewards of His temple (our body). (1Co 6:19,20)

We are Stewards of His Body (Our Abilities)

We are stewards of His body (our abilities). (Ro 12:4-8, 1Co 12:13-27, Eph 4:11-13, Col 3:23,24)

We are Stewards of His Resources (Our Material Goods)

We are to trust God for our support (our material goods). (Dt 8:18, Ps 23:1-6, Isa 48:17, Mt 6:25-34)

We are blessed through giving. (Lk 6:38, 2Co 9:6,7)

We should not store up treasures on earth. (Mt 6:19-21, Lk 12:15-21, Lk 12:32-34, 1Ti 6:9,10, Rev 3:14-19)

We are to give tithes and offerings to support the ministries of God's church. (1Co 9:13,14)

Tithes (Ge 28:20-22, Lev 27:30,32, Nu 18:21,26, Dt 14:22, Hag 1:7-11, Mal 3:8-10)

Offerings (Ex 36:2-7, Dt 16:16,17, Ac 10:1-4, 2Co 8:1-4,12-14)

We are Stewards of His Time (Our Time)

We are stewards of His time (our time). (Ex 20:8-11, Lk 2:43-49, Eph 5:15,16)

We are Stewards of His Character (the Character of Jesus)

We are stewards of His character (the character of Jesus). (Eze 36:26, 1Co 2:16, Gal 2:20, Col 1:27, Heb 8:10)

Judgment, mercy, and faith are more significant than tithes. (Mt 23:23)

Obedience, judgment, mercy, knowledge of God, and love are more significant than offerings. (1Sa 15:22, Isa 1:11-17, Hos 6:6, Mk 12:32-34, 1Co 13:3, Heb 10:6,7)

We are Stewards of His Grace (the Gospel)

We are stewards of His grace (the gospel). (1Co 4:1,2 compare Eph 6:19,20, 2Co 5:20, 1Pe 4:10)

God Expects His Stewards to Produce Fruit

God expects His stewards to produce fruit. (Mt 25:14-30, Lk 12:42-48)

The measure of giving is the degree of sacrifice. (Lk 21:1-3)