Revealed Truths

The gift of tongues is a miraculous sign for unbelievers.

Speaking in tonques without order and interpretation must not be allowed.

The message of the Holy Spirit is from and about Jesus.

Our faith must be based on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, as revealed in the Bible.

Some key verses:

1Co 14:22, 1Co 14:32,33,39,40, 1Co 14:2,5,19,23,28, Jn 16:13,14, Jn 12:32,33

Exposed Falsehoods

It is false to think that every believer must manifest the gift of tongues or its interpretation.

It is false to think that every manifestation of tongues or its interpretation is genuine.

It is false to think that excitement and rapturous praise prove the Holy Spirit's presence.

Some key verses:

1Co 12:27-30, 1Jn 4:1-3, Rev 16:13,14, Mt 15:8,9

The Gift of Tongues is a Sign for Non-Believers

The gift of tongues is a sign for non-believers. (1Co 14:22)

The gift of tongues was associated with spreading the gospel to foreign language groups. (Mk 16:15,17, Ac 2:4-11)

Rules for the Gift of Tongues in Church

The gift of tongues must always be interpreted. (1Co 14:2,5,19,23,28)

Interpretation is required even in prayer, song, and thanksgiving. (1Co 14:13-17)

There must be control, decency, and order. (1Co 14:32,33,39,40)

Faith Should not be Based Solely on Miraculous Signs and Wonders

Faith should not be based solely on miraculous signs and wonders. (Mt 12:39,40, Jn 4:47,48, Jn 20:29)

In the final battles, Satan will use miracles to deceive the world. (Mt 24:24, Rev 13:11-14, Rev 16:13,14, Rev 19:20)

Fire from heaven (Rev 13:13) (compare Ac 2:1-4, Jas 3:6)

Frogs out of the mouth (Rev 16:13)

Coming out of the mouth indicates the influence of the tongue.

Frogs capture their prey with their tongue.

There are Better Reasons to Believe

The natural wonders of God's creation attest to His glory. (Ps 19:1, Isa 6:1-3, Ro 1:20)

The word of God reveals the truth. (Isa 55:9-11, Jn 17:17-20, Ro 10:14,15, 1Jn 5:13)

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus draw us to Him. (Jn 12:32,33, 2Co 3:18, 1Pe 1:18-21)

Every Believer Does Not Receive the Gift of Tongues

Every believer does not receive the gift of tongues. (1Co 12:27-30)

Note that the gift of tongues and its interpretation appear last in this prioritized list of the gifts of the Spirit.

The True Fruit of the Spirit

Excitement and rapturous praise do not prove the Spirit's presence. (Mt 15:8,9)

A grand musical production was used to promote worship of the Babylonian image. (Da 3:5,7,10,15)

The genuine indication of the presence of the Holy Spirit is the fruit of the Spirit. (Mt 7:15-18 compare Gal 5:22,23, 1Co 13:1-3,13)

The Holy Spirit Glorifies Jesus Rather Than Himself

The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus rather than Himself. (Jn 15:26, Jn 16:13,14, 1Jn 4:1-3)


Do all believers receive the gift of tongues? (Ac 10:44-48) (No)

The demonstration of the gift of tongues in these verses were for the benefit of the Jewish Christians.

It allowed them to overcome their prejudices against the gentiles.

Do all believers receive the gift of tongues? (Ac 19:1-7) (No)

The Spirit decided to give these gifts at this time to these Christians.

Note that the gift of tongues was accompanied here by the gift of prophecy.